February 2019 Newsletter – Who is pharm?

February 2019 Newsletter – Who is pharm?



Who We Are.

We are a family-run business that is shaking up the CBD industry.

Our People.

pharmacist. Chemist. Farmer. Engineer. These are the minds that created pharm and put countless hours of work in to bring you high quality CBD products. And they aren’t finished yet.


The 2018 Farm Bill

What does it mean for CBD?

The long-awaited 2018 Farm Bill was finally signed in December of 2018, marking the first time in over 80 years that the federal government has not sought to curb its use1. This new legal federal recognition (as opposed to previously only being approved at the state level for research purposes) will continue to accelerate the growth of an already rapidly expanding industry. This Bill comes at a time where family farmers everywhere have been looking for crop alternatives as well as any way to compete with large corporate farms across the country. Over the past 4 years, Kentucky has gone back to its roots and emerged once again as a leading figure in the research and development of this cash crop2. Their robust and efficient state program has laid a solid foundation of standards and regulations that are to be followed in order to bring a hemp crop to harvest as well as to engage in free-market commerce.

Downstream of farming this plant, increasing opportunities from textiles, to foods, to cosmetic products continue to build believers everywhere. Here at pharm, we are continuing to do the research necessary to bring good, accurate, lab-tested products to market in a transparent fashion. In a few short weeks, we expect to deliver to the public a full-spectrum hemp oil product that matches the quality and verifiability of our Wises Landing products. This rollout will also be accompanied by several newsletters and website information updates that can help our customers make a good decision as to which products they feel will provide them with their desired results.

Here at pharm we are excited to be able to share our journey in this rapidly expanding industry with you. Our family owned business launch has been challenging, extremely rewarding, and fun. With our team of industry experts, we will continue to work to be the standard by which other hemp companies are held. Thank you for being along on this ride with us. Now buckle up!

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  2. https://www.kentucky.com/opinion/op-ed/article82366972.html

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Our Products


At pharm CBD, we prioritize quality. We have put an incredible amount of research into every aspect of our products: from the ingredients, which are all natural and high purity, to the way we formulate, bottle, and package each batch. pharm only creates products of the highest quality. We offer isolate-based CBD oil with our specialized terpene blend, Wises Landing, in 3 strengths: 300 mg, 600 mg, 1000 mg.
pharm CBD oils come in 30 mL (1.02 fl oz) bottles with graduated droppers. We recommend that you take 1-mL twice daily under the tongue. The source of our CBD is ultra-high purity isolate (>99%). pharm uses MCT oil as the base in these oils to help improve bioavailability of the CBD. We currently offer two flavors: mint and cinnamint. Stay tuned for the release of our full spectrum product!


Full Spectrum Oil Launch

We will be launching our pharm CBD Full Spectrum Oil on Friday, March 1st! Our Wises Landing CBD Oil contains only CBD and select terpenes, and the full spectrum contains additional cannabinoids and terpenes. This full spectrum oil was processed in house from Kentucky-grown hemp. Our full spectrum oil will be based in MCT oil, which helps increase the bioavailability. Stay tuned for more information and new product launch specials!


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