Product Quality

Your safety comes first

Quality has been our top concern from the start at PHARM CBD.  With an industry full of questionable products, we strive to be a leader in superior quality hemp-derived CBD products. 

We are confident in the quality, potency, and purity of the formulations we produce.  PHARM CBD will never put out a product of questionable quality.  All our products are tested by certified 3rd party laboratories prior to releasing them for distribution. 

PHARM CBD Oil is formulated with precise amounts of all high quality, all natural ingredients. You can count on PHARM CBD Oil for our quality and consistency. 

From sourcing our ingredients, to bottles and packaging, we have prioritized quality in every aspect of our business.

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The Boots on the Ground

Our Chief Scientific Officer, professional chemist and quality expert, Evan Ogburn works closely with his fellow board members to ensure that product quality and customer safety are always the top priority at PHARM CBD.  Evan brings 8 years experience working as a chemist in the pharmaceutical industry, while specializing in quality system development. He has managed projects for cannabis product testing for the Massachusetts Department of Public Health.