Wises Landing Formulation

Our first formulations are named after the place our business was born.  Several members of our family-run business were born and raised in Trimble County, Kentucky.  Wises Landing, in particular, is a place of many fond memories for us. We hope the name brings you comfort, as it has for us.

Wises Landing in Trimble County, Kentucky was named for Jesse Wise, who owned and operated a store and a large boat landing on the Ohio River in the 1860’s.  The store was a center for trade for travelers along the Ohio River and for those who made their homes in the surrounding area.

All formulations are made with an MCT-oil base and a proprietary 3 terpene blend.  This terpene blend was selected to promote anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety effects.  Our formulation finishes with a smooth all-natural mint or cinnamint flavoring.

 Wises Landing

300 mg (10mg/mL) CBD

with a 3 Terpene Blend in MCT Oil

All Natural Mint Flavor


Wises Landing+

600 mg (20mg/mL) CBD

with a 3 Terpene Blend in MCT Oil

All Natural Mint Flavor


 Wises Landing X

1000 mg (33.3mg/mL) CBD

with a 3 Terpene Blend in MCT Oil

All Natural Cinnamint Flavor


Our Formulation

Terpene Blend

Our terpene blend was selected to promote health and wellness. When certain terpenes are combined with CBD, an “entourage effect” occurs, where the effects of each component are more than what they would be on their own. Together with CBD, the terpenes below may help to reduce inflammation, increase the activity of the immune system, and reduce anxiety. Below are the terpenes included in this formulation and some scientific studies on their biological effects.

P•H•A•R•M CBD Oil is formulated with precise amounts of all high quality, all natural ingredients. Many hemp oil products are produced with the raw full-spectrum plant extract including our New Hope Product.  This full spectrum extract can be highly inconsistent, with varying amounts of cannabinoids and terpenes.  At P•H•A•R•M CBD, we know exactly how much of each component is in our products. Even though we cannot control the amount of each cannabinoid (CBC, CBG, etc) in our products, we produce New Hope based on a consistent amount of CBD and we share our test results so you can see the rest!  You can count on P•H•A•R•M CBD Oil for our quality and consistency.

*The pharmacological activity of these terpenes has not been investigated by the FDA. The effects highlighted here are results of scientific studies. The terpenes used in our products are considered GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe). Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Please consult your doctor if you have a medical condition or are currently taking medication.