FALL 2019 Newsletter

FALL 2019 Newsletter

FALL at pharm

pharm Roadside Market at Bray’s

We’re so excited to announce pharm Roadside Market at Bray’s will remain open all year round! 

Bray’s has always been a special place to us all, but seeing the continued support from the community since pharm’s grand opening with Jayme & family has really made us excited for what the future holds for this loved community market. Summer at Bray’s was a huge success and we had a wonderful response from Trimble County, as well as the surrounding communities since we’ve introduced our products to this retail space. Peach season is over, but we’re so excited to announce that pharm Roadside Market at Bray’s will be open ALL. YEAR. ROUND. We currently have 11 varieties of apples, pumpkins, squash, plums, cabbage, honey, candy, BEAUTIFUL mums, and did we mention, pumpkins? 

The weather may be cooling down, but we’re still enjoying ice cream here at Bray’s! Stop in and try our homemade FALL flavors! Pumpkin, maple walnut, caramel apple & apple butter, just to name a few- and every single one, delicious. 

This is the first season in a few years that Bray’s is going to remain open through the seasons (and we’d love to see you!)- spread the word and stop by to visit! 2580 Hwy 42 W Bedford, KY 40006 ? ✅?

Introducing Wises Landing 2X

People have been asking for a stronger Wises Landing product with no THC & it’s finally here. Our Wises Landing 2X is now available!

Its Citrus flavor and 2000mg in a 30mL bottle. You will get 66mg of CBD every time you take a dropper full (1mL). This citrus flavor formulation has a wonderful taste with our TerpEnhance formula.

It’s true, all of our Wises Landing formulations don’t contain any THC. This is isolate (pure CBD), Terpenes & MCT Oil.

Learn more about which Terpenes were selected for the Wises Landing formulation here.

Just a refresher about the difference between our isolate products vs our full-spectrum products: We have branded our isolate products as our Wises Landing products. For folks that want to benefit from CBD, but are concerned about drug testing, for example, our Wises Landing products are the way to go. All of our Wises Landing products have 0% THC and minimal risk of producing a positive drug screening.

Our full-spectrum products use the whole hemp extract and does contain trace amounts of THC. Full-spectrum also utilizes the full range of cannabinoids from the hemp plant.

Truly, one product is not necessarily “better” than the other. It’s which provides you the relief/results after the trial. We’ve had customers find that the isolate benefits them more so than the full-spectrum and vice versa. We’re passionate about educating the consumer, so please, any questions regarding our products, do not hesitate to reach out to us- info@pharm-cbd.com.

This Wednesday the 25th at Open Range

We’re looking forward to joining forces with Open Range Gun Range this Wednesday, the 25th from 6:30-8 PM to educate YOU on the healing benefits of CBD. Our lead chemist, Evan Ogburn will be spending the evening with Open Range CEO, Barry Laws for an informative Q&A session. We’ll be discussing the facts, some of the fiction, and helping consumers make an educated decision on whether CBD is right for them. You really won’t want to miss this! Head over to Open Range to purchase tickets for the night + receive a sample of our product with your admission!

In honor of the FIRST DAY OF FALL 

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